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Hej hej københavn :(

Hej hej københavn :(

Hej Hej København!
Can’t wait to be back in this wonderful city

Only 2 Weeks Left…

And I’m starting to freak out!

A lot has been going on… a culinary house thanksgiving last week, interning at Silver.Spoon in my free time, finals in my classes!

Now there are only two weeks left to finish up Christmas shopping, pack, take finals, and go home. I’m getting nostalgic already!

A Broad in Denmark: Turduckendom


What do a Turducken* and Dom Perignon put together equal?

A Turduckendom, of course!

As part of the world’s best internship, which Camilla and I have been hard at work at throughout the week - really, have I mentioned how much I love my new internship? - we got invited to a Turducken…

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Paris, je t’aime!

Apologies for slacking a bit on the blogging lately. With only three weeks left in Copenhagen (what!?) I’m a bit overwhelmed. But THIS post is the finale of my third travel week… Paris! Possibly my new favorite European city (sorry Copes…)

Part of why I probably loved it so much is because I had an opportunity to spend a day alone in the city exploring. I was meeting up with my DIS Impressionism in Paris art class, but I got there a few days early. I decided to stay at the same hotel that our class was going to be staying at, Hotel St. Andre des Arts, which was a great decision. Not only was it in the perfect location for exploring, but it was also so quintessentially Parisian.

My friend I travelled with to Barcelona was also in Paris, so we met up to explore some museums and architectural sites. The Rodin museum was one of my favorite places in Paris, basically a sculture garden full of his works.

After meeting up with my class, we did awesome things like touring Versailles and getting guides to show us around the museums. The Musee d’Orsay was so fantastic- full of all the impressionism work I love. L’Orangerie was absolutely breathtaking, though, I had no idea how amazing Monet’s full sized waterlilies were. We also had an opportunity to do a really cool dinner cruise down the Seine Saturday night- so cool! Thank you DIS for once again exceeding expectations.

So between the pastry (croissants, omg) and the wonderful language that I somewhat speak, I was completely obsessed with Paris. I spent six days exploring, and still want to go back so badly. Now that I’m back in Copenhagen, though, I’m fully obsessed with it again. I can’t believe I only have three weeks left here! As much as I am excited to go home and see my family, I also don’t want to leave :(

5 days in Barcelona! :) We did SO much- feel free to ask me about stuff :)

Morning mass at Notre Dame #paris

Morning mass at Notre Dame #paris

#versailles #disabroad

#versailles #disabroad

#notredame #disabroad

#notredame #disabroad